Webcast: Mindful Work (ft. David Gelles)

November 20, 2017

About This Webcast

One of the most surprising and promising trends in business today is the rise of workplace mindfulness. 21% of U.S. companies already offer mindfulness training and 22% more intend to add it their wellness initiative within the year. Why? Employees and employers are discovering what psychologists and cognitive scientists have confirmed—mindfulness has tangible benefits… and lots of them. Research has found everything ranging from lowered stress and anxiety to improved creativity and innovation to better decision-making - even slowed down aging.

Join us for this webcast with David Gelles, a New York Times reporter and author of Mindful Work. Find out what top business leaders are already discovering: mindfulness may be the key to fostering more positive, productive and successful work cultures. Attend the webcast live and be entered to win a copy of David’s book, crowned a Best Business Book of 2015!


This Whil webcasts qualifies for 1 hour of SHRM and WorldatWork continuing education credit.

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About David Gelles
David writes for the business section of the New York Times. Read his recent stories here. At the Times, he previously covered mergers and acquisitions for DealBook.  
Before joining the Times in 2013, he spent five years with the Financial Times. At the FT, he covered tech, media and M&A in San Francisco and New York. In 2011 he conducted an exclusive jailhouse interview with Bernie Madoff, shedding new light on the $65 billion ponzi scheme.
Mindful Work, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2015, brings together his 15 years of meditation practice and his work as a business journalist.
He lives in New York City.

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